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a m a t o

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Original paintings in mixed media, acrylics and oils



a m a t o

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artist's studio at the moment close to Torre del Mar  Andalucia, Spain

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Created in 2021 and 2022 in the studio in Malaga Youtube channel: aagentprovocateur arts


Latest art work in progress

The sacking of Kiew

Angel paintings

Expressive Realism

On the easel still

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He calls himself  "a m a t o"  according to his italian family name, born in Sicily and raised in Switzerland. After working in technical engineering for 12 years in the industry, he left to be trained in various art schools in Switzerland and the USA to become a certified art teacher, Yet after less than 3 years he started a career as indipendent artist/painter and worked as back stage painter for theaters and musicals or was just experimenting with small and large paintings. Finally in 2017 until today, he dedicated his entire time to produce art, first at home then in South Spain, where he lives now

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